Cell Group System



HSEGC  Cell System The cell system is a system that is designed by the Spirit of God for us as a ministry, which WAS introduced By Pastor Donia Walsh to the ministry in January 2022.   The cell System is a structure as well as a system for the growth and development of each individual member of the church, for them to function effectively as members of the ministry, and be able to find themselves in ministry, not just as members or church goers.  So, the cell is the basic smallest unit in the church as it is in the human body. And it has its structure, and it has its functions. And in that cell unit, every member of the church is able to feel at home, belong to the ministry, see its functions, develop his talents, his calling, and from the cell unit, a member can also grow to become a leader.
It is also the basic structure unit in the church, where talents are discovered,  leadership training begins it gives each member an opportunity for recognition. My mentor and spiritual grand pa Pastor chris which first started the cell system years ago says the cell is big enough to contain you  small enough to recognize you, because you are not supposed to be a face in the crowd and that I believe.You are a member, a vital member, not just the face in the crowd, and it is the cell  system that gives the individual member of the ministry that opportunity for recognition. The Cell is the smallest structural member of the body and is capable of individual existence. So it has the structures, and within the cell, it's able to function separately, and individually. It's a structure that we have in HSEGC ministry. It's not one of the things we do it is what we do. And every member of the ministry, remember of the church must belong to a cell. It is one of the ways that the pastor organizes the church for ministry. You know, this is where the work of partnership goes on. I'm not talking about financial partnership, but getting every member to be part of the work, understand the vision, and flow with the vision, participate in the vision. It's at the cell level. And here the watch word is impact, where we want to impact our environment, society where we live, and where we function, but in a vocational or geographical where we live. it's a very basic unit of the church. And it's so important  because if this is the way, a place where the church is organized for ministry, that means everybody is mobilized to impact the environment impacts society where we live.

2 Corinithinas 5:19

In Second Corinthians, chapter five, and verse 19, the Bible says to week that God was in Christ, reconciling the world to Himself, not counting the trespasses against them, and has committed to us the ministry of reconciliation. I want you to look at this. God was in Christ, reconciling the world to Himself. God was in Christ, which means God was carrying out the ministry of reconciliation in Jesus Christ. So, Jesus, therefore came here, in the auspices of his father, to carry out the ministry of reconciliation. Now in that same scripture, The Bible says that God has now committed to us, the ministry of reconciliation. So we're carrying out God's ministry. He started it carried out to His Son, Jesus, and now does the same thing. Through us. There's not a thought, you've got to understand every church  is a family. God puts people in families. That’s what he does, he puts people in families. In the physical world, God puts every child in the family, no human being, came into this world. Without a family  you came through someone else. And the responsibility was for that one, to take care of you. In your growing years. Everyone ought to be in a family, spiritually, it's the same thing. When you receive Christ, he puts you in a family. Now, this is God's strategy for raising people. Now, that means, that means everyone must take care of another. Everyone was the care of another when there's a child in the family, all the adults in that family become responsible for that child. It's not just a cliche, it's a truth.

There are three different kinds of families in the world, you have organized families, then you have on organized families, then you have disorganized families. Now, disorganized families are dysfunctional. The other two are organized families and unorganized families.  Now unorganized families are families where everybody does his own thing. You know, the children have their own ideas about life, and they pursue whatever they think the parents have their own ideas about life and they pursue whatever they think in fact, the parents even boast and say, well, we don’t tell our children what to do. Whatever they want to do, they do. That’s an unorganized family. they’re not organized. They just do what they want to. They have no ideologies. They like nations without ideologies. And what does the Bible say about a nation without a vision? A nation without a vision is a nation without an ideology. See, and a nation without a vision, perishes is destroyed. That’s what happens to families that are not organized. They have no idea of where they’re going. They have no vision. They just they are a family because they came from the same parentage. But they’re not organized. There’s no sense of responsibility to themselves. These are unorganized. As I already mentioned dysfunctional families where everything is upside down. There is  chaos. families that are chaotic. It’s enough to be unorganized, to become chaotic, is worse, terrible, that tearing at each other, there dysfunctional in the spirits. You also have unorganized families and dysfunctional families. And then there are organized families to take you to organize families. Let me go. Let me talk a little bit about earthly  families that are organized. In such organized families you will find parents who have raised children or even grandchildren and they have taught the senior ones to be successful and to become responsible for the junior ones for their nephews and nieces. you’d find in that family.

There are those who are responsible for the education of others, they raised others to become strong and become vital, important in society. They make an impact, these are  families that make an impact in business, they make an impact in politics, they make an impact in various areas, different industries around the world, then you’re told so and so is from that family , Oh, is he? Oh, yes. Why? Because they are making an impact somewhere in some industry in the world.

These are organized families, they have so organized themselves to ensure that everyone is taken care of.

No One IS Left Out

No one is left out, somebody is responsible for another. It didn't just happen. It was some, some great grandfather or some grandfather, some somebody had to make it. So it's a doctrine in the family. They know that they have to be responsible for one another. It's adopted in the family. These are organized families; they have a vision in the world. They are successful. And they create wealth, and strengths and a vision, always to the next generation. There are many such families around the world. And these are the families that are responsible for so many things going on in our world today. God wants us to have organized families, not dysfunctional families, not unorganized families. And spiritually, this is so important. So the cell system is part of our process. In organizing our families in Christianity Today, the cell ministry began with Jesus. He led his cell he started his cell. He had 12  members and that’s where the vision and the mission started.
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