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Women's Ministry 

Holy spirit empowerment global ministry is dedicated to raising champion women in the Lord.  We believe that male and female are gender roles here on earth but in the spirit we are one in Christ (Galatians 3:28).  We do understand that the gender roles are important and should not be disregarded because God has purpose concerning the kingdom.  A man is therefore first as he was created first but that does not mean women should be oppressed, but instead they should be able to thrive in all areas of their lives growing in the knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Empowering Women Through the Word

Empowering women to make an Impact in Business

Equipping Women for Godly Relationships

Mentorship and Coaching

Coaching for women 

Pastor Donia Walsh is a renowned Coach and Mentor.  With years of experience in dealing with women's issues, Pastor Donia Walsh is equipped to bring success to women from all walks of life.  She is  passionate about seeing everyone she comes fulfil their God given purpose.  Her Ministry is an integral part of her own success and she has many programs, books that will get you from where you are to where you know you need to be.  

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Discover who you are
Discover Your Purpose
Learn How To Pray 
How to curb your Emotions 
Sex and Singleness.

The Singles course is powerful as it teaches what a God driven Single life Consists of. This course is not only for those that are single, but those who are married will improve their relationships with this course.  This Course will touch on topics that both singles and those that are married face.  There is a separate  dedicated course for married folk.

How to forgive
How to have a great marriage 
Discovering your needs .


Gods purpose for marriage
Naked and not ashamed
The Decision  
Courting during marriage

With over 50% of marriages in the body of Christ ending up in divorce, this course teaches how to divorce proof your marriage and keep it stayed on the will of God.  The teachings in all our courses are biblical and they will transform your life.   

How to forgive
How to have a great marriage 
Discovering each other's needs .
Dominant Powers